Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's Been a While...

Hello again. It's been a while since I've blogged about anything, but something significant has happened...
I'm about to be a father.
On August 7th, my wife Kim called me into our room to talk to me about something. (She said the dreaded, "We need to talk." Usually, that's not good...) I'd just gotten off of work earlier that morning and went to church besides, so I was laying down in our bed and she'd left the room. She came back in, looking slightly apprehensive as she laid on the bed and asked me what I was doing in nine months.
I answered, "Having a baby with you."
At that point, she handed me a pregnancy test from Walgreens. There were two lines there.
Yeppity, Sir. We were pregnant.
The experience of watching Kim's stomach grow, seeing the pics from the ultrasound, going to the doctor, telling everyone about the impending birth has been like nothing else in my life. Ever. People have been telling me that when our little Sydney Giselle is born, (and all my facebook friends love her name) I will experience a love like no other. I don't doubt it. Though, I do have truck with the whole wrapping me around her little finger thing...I ain't John Goodman's character in The Princess and the Frog who fusses at his daughter that she can't go having everything she wants, then gives her a puppy...I got more steel than that...maybe.
Anyhew, I talk to her through Kim's stomach, play music for her, (She loves Stevie Wonder) and generally blush when I talk about her to people and how far along Kim is. 24 weeks as of yesterday, by the way.
All I know is that I will be a very happy man when Sydney comes and I'll at least be emotionally ready for all the changes that will come and love her and my older daughter, Mya, the best that I can and train them to be responsible and God fearing people. As Seal said, "Bring it on."

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