Monday, January 21, 2013

A Warm Welcome for Jim Butcher's Cold Days

Welcome Back, Harry Dresden...and it's been a long road back.
Ever since the events in the aptly named Changes, Harry Dresden, the only openly practicing wizard in the Yellow Pages, has died, solved a case as a ghost, a la The Invisible (Ghost Story) and been resurrected by Queen Mab and the island known as Demonreach.
We pick up with Harry waking up in Arctis Tor, deep in the Winter Fae territory, to a nurse named Sarissa and physical therapy as only Mab could dream up. (According to Harry, the montage of these scenes would be set to the tune of 'Walk' by the Foo Fighters. Even musically, Harry is cool.)
From there, Harry gets a Birthday party, Winter Fae style, and eventually returns to Chicago with a highly unusual directive from Mab: Kill Maeve.
From there, the mystery deepens and the stakes reach stratospherical heights, as Harry reunites with the friends and allies he left behind and works to find out why Mab wants Maeve dead and why some mysterious otherworldly beings want what's on Demonreach. The answers will blow his mind, chill his heart and, possibly, end the world if the forces arrayed against him have their way...
But that's a normal day for Harry.
If you you're a fan, picks this one up ASAP and if you're not, read this and become one!

Jim Butcher

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