Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rothilesberger and Obama...a dubious connection

I was just on Yahoo Sports and they were talking about Ben Rothilesberger and his current 4-6 game suspension handed down by the NFL even though he didn't get charged in the alleged sexual assualt case in Georgia. Most of the comments were for it, some were definitely against it and others called R-berger (it's easier to spell than his whole last disrespect) a rapist. (This could be construed because he's had three different cases with his name attached come up...just sayin'...) I think Roger Godall, the current Chairman of the NFL made the right decision. Athletes, especially star athletes are usually treated like the gladiators of old: They can do or say anything the want and no one will oppose them because of what they can do in the Coliseum. This is the 21st Century, athletes have children and young people looking up to them and wanting to emulate them. They need to be more aware of how their actions and the consequences of those actions can affect those around them, from family to fans.
Now to the real reason I'm blogging about this: One of the respondents, the Johhny G he's called, said one of the most ignorant things i've ever heard: R-Berger got suspended because he's white and (President) Hussein Obama must have handed down the suspension.
Yes, it's the 21st Century and as a country, Amreica has come a long way. Unfortunately, we can see from this that as a country and as human beings, we still have a long way to go.

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