Friday, April 30, 2010

Nobels and Mudslinging...

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Is it me or does it seem President Obama can't catch a break?

Before he even got into the White House, people were begging him to fix the mess Dubya left there and caught all kinds of flack for the bailouts and trying to kick start the economy. Since then, he's been demonized for encouraging kids to stay in school and wanting healthcare to be available to everyone and not just the priviliged.

Now that President Obama's been selected to recieve the Nobel Peace Prize for reaching out to the World and showing them that America's politics are changing for the better, he's getting static from every Tom, Dick, harry and Jane. One blogger said he was unaware that the Nobels had an Affirmative Action Quota.

Obviously, some blogs have an Idiocy and Bigotry Quota.

True, being the first Black man voted into the Office of the President is going to bring a certain amount of scrutiny, but doesn't it seem that Barack Obama's had more than the normal amount of naysayers and negative publicity? (Don't let me get started about the Tea Party Idiots.)

Empirically, I can't say it's because he's Black. Given America's beginnings as well as race relations since the Emancipation Proclamation, it's an easy dig. To be fair, not all White folks are racist or prejudiced. It's not fair for me to hold anything against them for what their ancestors did to mine. We've come a long way since the 'I Have a Dream' Speech and the fact that a Black man has been elected President, basically, fulfilling the very words that Martin Luther King Jr. Spoke about, says a lot about how far we've come as a nation.

The fact that a White politician called a Black man, who just happens to hold the Highest Office in the Land, a liar says a lot more about how much farther we have to go.

I'm just sayin'...


  1. It is his intellect which sets him apart from the rest. Black or white, any American who is not brainwashed by the local media will have no choice but to admire his election as the president. His policies have been spot on and his concerns regarding economy, health care and education are well justified.
    As a result of the previous administration's non-calculated policies and illogical invasions/wars, Obama has been left with a mountain to climb. But if there is anyone who can do it, then he's the one.
    The threat to America does not exist beyond the borders. It exists within the borders. And Obama knows it better than anyone else. He can make a difference.

  2. I totally agree. What I really like about Obama is that he's not doing politics as usual; He's changing how politicians interact with their constituents and being inclusive. Not to mention, he's just trying to do things with common sense, which, as we all know is not so common. I'll be voting for him in 2012