Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Review-Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married, Too

I'll admit, I'm a latecomer to the Tyler Perry Party.
The first movie of his that I saw was The Family That Preys. I really liked it. There was drama, mad drama, love, betrayal, vindication and hope. I may not've been instantly hooked and obsessed, but I definitely liked what the brotha was doing and started watching the other films. I also had the opportunity to see his latest stage production "Madea's big Happy Family" which had me me laughing and thinking very hard. If you get the chance, definitely check that out.
But, I digress...
Why Did I Get Married 2 picked up about three years after the first film and we get to see what happened to all the characters in the interim: Marcus and Angela (Michael Jai White and Tasha Smith) reverted back to the constant bickering since Marcus now has a job as a sportscaster and Angela's salon isn't doing so well, Gavin and Patricia (Malik Yoba and Janet Jackson) look like the solid, stable couple, but there is crack in the bedrock, Terry and Dianne (Tyler Perry and Sharon Leal) are still going strong, but there are possible footsteps in the dark and Troy and Shelia (Lamaan Rucker and Jill Scott) are expecting, but Troy hasn't found work since moving to Atlanta. The four couples take a group vacation down to the Bahamas looking to just relax and chill when Mike (Richard T. Jones) shows up. The drama flows from there.
The movie is well written and Mr. Perry manages to keep the movie from becoming too formulaic and gives you twists that keep you hooked until the end. The main theme I saw was that life is short, so cherish the ones you love while you have a chance. The death of one of the main characters drives this home very poignantly. Lou Gosset Jr. and Cicely Tyson have cameos as an older couple who let the youngsters know that sometimes, the course of True Love, sometimes doesn't follow a straight line, but the bends and curves in the road are worth the ride.
All the actors turned in solid, believable performances, especially Janet Jackson who really and truly shows some nice dramatic range.
I would heartily recommend this movie to everyone, especially if you're in a relationship. It will make you laugh, it may make you cry and it will defintely make you think and spark all kinds of conversations. But isn't that what good movies are supposed to do?


  1. The ending, I felt, was too abrupt. There were too many issues each of the marriages carried for them to be able to just hug and resolve their issues. Infidelity and loss of trust take years to recover from

  2. Well, that's the thing...we didn't get an instant tied up neatly in an hour-2hours thing. Where everything is at once the movie ended was satisfying, but held the sense that it was just the beginning of the healing, especially with Gavin's death to kind of galvanize them to work things out because you never know how much time you actually have with someone...betta fix it while you can...